Crystals are amazing energy provided by Mother Earth herself. They can be used to assist in physical, mental, emotional or spiritual issues that you might be facing.

I have been using crystal energy for my own self-healing and well-being for many years. I, like many others, have suffered from depression, anxiety and heartache in the past – so I have found it useful and effective to bring crystal energy into my own personal energy field for issues that arise.

Once I started using crystals, I found inner peace in my daily practices. Discovering crystals can be a “get to know you” exercise whereby you need to determine what specific crystals align with your unique intentions. So you might find yourself experimenting with a few before deciding which ones work best for you.

I would suggest exploring the individual crystal properties when determining which ones to work with, but always use your intuition because that tends to lead you in the right direction in terms of your selection.

Here’s my recommendations for crystals to use with grief, depression and re-aligning yourself with overall health and well-being. I have used all three of the crystals mentioned below and each one holds a very beautiful, calming energy.

Crystal 1 – Rose Quartz

Rose quartz have such an amazing loving energy to them. They help with all matters of the heart in the most loving way – physical, emotional and mental. The energy of rose quartz is so very deeply calming and it feels like the energy of a much needed hug. By using them, it helps to process emotions associated with grief, loss, depression and heartache, yet at the same time soothes the soul. It brings a sense of love and peace when dealing with heavy emotions.

Crystal 2 – Green Opal

Green opal is also effective for matters of the heart. It’s a very unique crystal because it’s possible it may change colour with continual use. So in essence, it mirrors the change you go through within itself. This crystal draws out negative energy from any area of your being, either physically, mentally or emotionally in a very calm and peaceful way. It has such a tranquil energy to it that you don’t realise it is extracting negative energy, and with use it brings a sense of overall well-being.

crystals green opal healing wellbeing grief loss

Crystal 3 – Orbicular Jasper

Orbicular jasper is also known as ocean jasper. Ocean jasper is a very nurturing and protective crystal to work with. It assists in coping with change and helps one find a renewal of spirit. It’s beneficial for releasing pent up emotional blocks in a very calm way and supports you as you go through the releasing process (at the same time it allows the inner self to heal). It’s also very earthy, so it helps you connect back to earth energy in order to feel stable and secure once again.

orbicular jasper crystal healing grieff loss wellbeing

There is a common theme amongst the three crystals because they all help healing to occur in a very loving, gentle and peaceful manner. They are all ones to keep with you day and night – again use your intuition.

You could wear or carry them daily and place one under your pillow at night. They could also be used in meditation – place one at your heart centre or hold them in your hands during meditation.

These three crystals are easily obtainable, affordable and very effective in helping issues of the heart, as well as finding peace and overall well-being. I hope that you find crystal blessings during your journey of exploration and self-healing.

cyrtsals healing grief wellbeing

Heads up: You should always seek medical or professional advice when needed, and the properties associated with crystal energy is not a replacement for medical care or a guarantee of results. Crystals can provide additional support to healing practices however keep in mind that everyone is different and everyone will respond differently to crystal energy.

About Debbie.

Debbie Hardy is a spiritual teacher and author of Meditation Made Easy Using Crystals and Spirit of the Crystal Ray. She holds certifications in Crystal Healing, Angel Therapy, and is a Reiki Master. She has been using crystals for several years for her own self healing and continues to explore crystal energy and teaches others how to use them effectively in their own lives. You can follow her on Facebook and check out her website.