When you are feeling in utter despair you might not automatically think of exploring a holistic therapy as a solution to your deep emotional pain.

The emotional pain of loss & grief is complex, conflicting & damn right confusing. I know, as I had been in deep pain for over 40 years. It impacts every cell, every system in your human being. Your ‘whole’ self.

I longed to have a spring in my step & sparkle in my eyes. No longer haunted by the past.

Are you lost in deep sadness & feel totally misunderstood by everyone around you?

I built walls up that kept the majority of people at arm’s length. My moods were all over the shop and it was common for me to withdraw and isolate myself. I believed there was nothing out there that could help me move forward in life. Everything I had tried before hadn’t had a lasting affect.

I have been interested in holistic therapies and spiritual interests since, well as far back as my mind allows me to remember. Especially Crystals & energy healing.

“Life has twists & turns for us all which result in losses & the heaviness of grief”. Sam Youngz.

As I was working through my grief, I discovered the huge impact loss had on me and my personal relationships from birth to midlife Sam. I also discovered I couldn’t keep dipping in & out of working with energy. It is a key component of healing.

I undertook further training and in 2019 set up a unique holistic service to help grievers release their deep sadness and recover sparkle & shine. Integrating processing human emotions of grief with holistic therapies.

Part of my holistic service is Crystal Energy Healing & Wellbeing Advice.

When we are grieving our whole bodies are thrown out of balance. If we are left energetically unbalanced long term, we may start to experience emotional, mental & physical issues that may not go away as easily as they used to or become chronic.

Below I share 3 holistic therapies that may help you heal your grief:


  • Crystal Healing Therapy uses the unique energetic properties of crystals to help shift imbalances & blocks in our energy. Balancing the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual imbalances. Each therapy session is different depending on the person’s needs at that time. Crystals are chosen by a therapist like myself, who has expertise and knowledge on which crystals are best suited for your needs and where they need to be placed on or around you. e.g. Smoky Quartz maybe used to release stress.

crystal therapy grief healing smokey quartz

Crystal Healing can be done in person or via distance/absent healing. You can download a free PDF here on ‘What is Crystal Healing?’

  • Creative/Art Therapy allows you to express your feelings using art. This can range from doodling to creating a painting or mixed media piece/ scrapbook. For some people talking or expressing their feelings can be too difficult initially. Allowing your brain to be creative allows the feelings to flow & enables you to begin reveal your inner feelings. When grieving, it is normal for our brain power to be impaired and foggy. Colouring in is a wonderful mindfulness activity and gives you space to focus on what colour or bit you are going to colour next. There are some amazing Adult colouring books available now. This is a favourite activity of mine.


  • Yoga is an ancient practice of breathing and physical moves to help improve health and wellbeing. Practicing yoga brings balance & harmony to the mind, body and soul. Some of the benefits of yoga that will help improve symptoms of grief are; reducing stress, improving sleep, releasing tension in your muscles, and balancing your energetic system. You may feel too exhausted to attend a yoga class but there is a great free App called Down Dog & Down Dog beginners that guides you through the different forms of yoga. Yoga Nidra is also great at helping improve your sleep as it relaxes your whole body, you can find free guided tracks on the Insight Timer app for free. Always check with your Doctor if you have health conditions before starting yoga. I regularly attend a Yin/Restorative Yoga class.

Time to explore?

Grief really does knock the stuffing out of you. You may just want to curl up in a ball and hide but also want to feel better than you do right now. Holistic therapies are a gentle but effective way to help you heal by restoring balance back to you.

Including holistic therapies into you grief journey will help you heal your whole self and achieve the end result you desire, releasing your pain & moving forwards.

Hugs & Sparkles.

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About Sam.

Sam Youngz is a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist | Crystal Energy Therapist | Wellbeing Advisor founding a unique holistic service at RubySamYoungz.

Formerly an Accountant, Ill health forced Sam to leave a 20 year career in finance.

Sam now helps stuck, gutsy midlife women release their deep emotional pain to recover sparkle & shine back into their lives. Embodying the proven & effective Grief Recovery Method courses alongside Crystal Energy Therapies & Wellbeing advice to heal your whole self holistically & naturally.

Sam lives in Shropshire with her rescue dog Amber, who is also a registered Pets as Therapy dog. Sam’s own life experiences give her a special interest in supporting others who have been impacted by progressive neurological diseases/dementia, addictions, domestic violence, bullying & chronic illness especially ME/CFS & EDS.

You can find Sam on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Weleda and her website.