Life beyond loss (and indeed other times in our life) very much feels like wading through treacle. I get it. I’ve been there.

So when you start to feel overwhelmed with everything that’s going on – or everything that you have to do in order to move yourself forward, there are some simple things you can to do to lift those immediate icky feelings.

Getting into a state of overwhelm can feel like you are sinking. Those emotions that engulf you are unpleasant and can lead to stress. But the good news is, there are some quick ways for beating overwhelm which will lead you back to a place of calm – the same place where you can focus on your solutions more clearly.

Get Solution-Focused

A while back, I learnt from Norman Fischer that there is no such thing as multi-tasking. The brain can physically only do one thing at a time. So the idea of behaving like a super hero dashing here, there and everywhere, is just a state of mind. It comes down to what you are telling yourself about being busy.

When you feel anxiety rising, it’s important to be able to just ‘step out’ and gain some perspective on the situation. You can do this by deliberately putting space between you and your feelings. Understand that you are not your feelings.

Quick Wins

#1. Go for a walk or get some exercise. This is great for distracting your mind as well as burning off any un-wanted adrenaline running around your body.

#2. Take a few deep breaths. Get centred and alleviate any immediate panic to calm your mind. I have come to realise it is impossible to be relaxed and panicked at the same time, and deep breathing sends soothing signals to your brain. Use guided relaxation or meditation if it works for you. Taking a few deep breaths can be just as affective.

#3. Grab a pen and paper and write all the crap down. You can do this in whatever way works for you. Beit a posh leather bound journal, or a wallchart full of key points. I like to grab my journal and do a ‘brain dump’ of whatever has been going on. Thoughts, feelings, and behaviours – the whole lot. There is something powerful about reflecting on your own words and language on paper. Be curious about what you notice.

What to do when overwhelm has become an unwanted pattern.

Sometimes we need a more long-term strategy for dealing with unwanted behaviour patterns and limiting beliefs. Overwhelm exists in both of these things.

It’s all ok – I’m here to help you. Drop me a line and we can talk about this some more.

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