Feeling lost is common. Especially when you’ve been through big changes in your life such as loss.

I get it because I’ve been there – on more than one occasion. The feelings of lostness (and like you need to fill a void or find a deeper connection), can throw you into turmoil.

After emerging from grief and loss, I just didn’t feel connected to my ‘old’ life anymore. Instead, I found myself in some bizarre place where everything I once knew was gone and the thing I thought was for me, no longer filled me with the same passion. I was officially in zombie mode.

It was clear I was ready for positive change and if you’re reading this, then I assume you are too. It took me ages to discover what those changes could be – or even how to go about finding it. So on top of lostness and the emotions that come with it, I now felt panicked and anxious. Marvellous.

Sound familiar?

I’m going to share with you the things which took me ages to figure out but in the end helped me to find my way.

Tip 1. It’s useful to spend some time re-connecting with yourself. In other words, “who are you”? It’s a big question I know. One that you may feel you already know the answer to. It’s always worth checking in with this because when you are connected to your true self, it’s easier to feel inspired.

Tip 2. Recognise your gifts and talents. NOT through analysing but through exploration. Clarity comes through the process of exploring and taking action will move you forward. The more you act, the clearer you become on the stuff that you’re great at.

Tip 3. Get to know the stuff that’s holding you back. We all thoughts, beliefs and self-talk that can get in our way and block your true capabilities. It’s not important to understand why or how you’re feeling lost, but good to know what’s getting in your way.

Tip 4. Seek help and support. It’s important you have guidance and support from the cheerleaders in your life. It’s less about asking for people’s opinions or advice, and more about having encouragement as you make your own decisions along your journey. Coaching was certainly a game changer for me as it offered me some friendly and non-judgemental support. It helped me to find my own answers.

If this feels like a lot to do here, break it down. There’s no timeline here – the only expectations are the ones you create for yourself.
What I want most for you is to start breaking the pattern of feeling lost and trying to do this all by yourself, only to end up feeling in deeper shiz with nowhere to go. I want you to find your way a little quicker than it took me.

If you’re ready to:

• Reconnect with yourself
• Figure out what you want and where you’re headed
• Let go of whatever’s been holding you back (and discover what that is)

Then please contact me for a chat.