Each autumn in the UK, the clocks are put back by one hour (and some other parts of the world). So as the darker nights draw in and we transition into winter, I’m curious to know what you feel about this…do you love it or hate it?

After loss and in my recovery through anxiety and depression, there was a time I used to dread the darker mornings and evenings. I would wish my life away by waiting out the winter anxiously and looking forward to when spring rolled in.
I used to tell myself that I “hated the cold weather” and would often find myself complaining about it with others too.

But in the words of T.Harv Ecker, “how you do anything, is how you do everything” and as a coach, I feel strongly about how this also applies to our mind-set.

Your Choice.

Quite simply, how you view the world – including the time of year – is a choice. I agree, at this time of year, it can feel more challenging to feel upbeat when our bodies literally lack vitamin D.

However, it’s at the time when your energy is lowered that it’s even more important to pay attention to the things you’re telling yourself. Because, you know, how you think will result in how you feel. So how about you begin with flipping your script about the weather?

Instead of focusing on the darker, cold mornings, I have started to think about the concept of gaining an ‘extra’ hour and imaging all the things that I can do with my time. I’m also on a mission to continue practising gratitude with the wake of each morning. After all, a thankful heart is a happy heart.

So my question to you is – do you choose to love or hate this time of year?

Here’s my top 5 hacks for surviving autumn:

Hack #1: Make the most of your extra hour. Whether you to choose to hunker down under the duvet for a while longer or instead, rise earlier and have a few quiet moments to yourself, it’s important to view the whole ‘clocks going back situation’ as an opportunity to do something for you. I’m a big fan of Hygge.

Hack #2: Make a list of autumn/winter activities to look forward to. This season brings a whole host of activities – indoors and outdoors – that we wouldn’t do in the summer months. Make a wish list or even a visual board of all the things that you want to do with your family and schedule the ones that you are able to resource. Even better – go ahead and participate in a new activity!

Hack #3: Catch your monkey mind. As I said, mind-set is imperative and there are a number of ways to tame the chimp that’s running your thoughts. One way is to keep a daily gratitude journal that sees you focus on the positive rather than the ‘lack or absence’ of stuff.

Hack #4: Share the positive vibes. I mean really sprinkle it like confetti. You’ve heard me say that ‘your vibe, attracts your tribe’ right? Well when you choose not to complain about the weather – or acknowledge any such conversation, you will find an uplifting change in your mood for sure. Instead, you can use hacks #2 and #3 to really zone in on what you love right now about the weather and your cosy nights.

Hack #5: Go with the rhythm and flow of your energy. If you feel the need to hibernate under the duvet or swap a dinner reservation for a night in front of the fire, that’s ok. Acknowledge the things that enhance your wellbeing and stay true to the flow of your energy.

Feeling like all this is easier said, than done right now?

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