So you’re facing the prospect of losing your job. I know, it feels shitty and you feel like you have no control over what’s happening. It might even have come as a shock to you.


It’s going to be ok. Infact, it’s going to be amazing. I know this, because I’ve been where you are now. Twice.
I’m going to share with you the very things that worked for me and turned my situation around from feeling disillusioned and hopeless about my future, to excited and more fulfilled.

When life gives you lemons and all that.

A couple of times, I’ve been made redundant from long-term employment. The last time it happened, it ended my career which spanned 11 years. I thought it was for life. I thought I had found exactly where I was supposed to be. However, the organisation I worked for had other plans.

During the final two years of my employment in the corporate world, I had told myself that climbing the ladder was absolutely what I was “supposed” to do, I busted my gut and even risked my health to reach the ideal promotion. But it never happened.

Why? If I’m being totally honest, all along my heart was saying something different. So when the final redundancy came, I chose to see it as an opportunity to have an adventure and discover what my true life purpose was.

The thing is, what happens next is totally up to you. I want to remind you that you always have options.
It may not feel like it right now, but it all starts with the realisation that you can do, have or be exactly what you wish. Redundancy, affords you the opportunity to align with something more, something better.

It’s Time to Find Your Way. Here’s my top tips to help to shift some of emotions you’ve been feeling, so you can get excited about your future instead:

TIP 1: I often wonder, what if when I was made redundant, I had panicked and run out to find the first available job. Of course you need to pay the bills, but it’s ok to give yourself some space to think about what you really want. Because if not now, when? Please stop doing shit you hate.

TIP 2: Embrace whatever ideas come up for you – the good, the great and the darn right crazy! Take the limiters off – even if it means that you’ll be stepping out of your comfort zone. Consider when life gives you lemons….is lemonade the ONLY option? I think not.

TIP 3: Once decided on what it is you want to pursue, break it down into a goal that feels realistic. Make it as specific as you can.

TIP 4: Make a list of the steps that you need to take in order to reach your goal. The law of attraction is powerful but it comes with a caveat – taking inspired action is necessary in order to create opportunities. Take baby steps to start you off.

TIP 5: Seek help NOT advice. With the best will in the world, friends and family will be full of ideas for you and keen to share them. But deciding what you want from life is better coming from within. Invest some time and energy into professional help from a coach or mentor.

Are you ready?

I’m passionate about giving you the support you need to move forwards after losing your job. I will help you, like I’ve helped many others, find your ‘new normal’ and transition from just surviving to thriving in the career that you’ve been dreaming about.

I know adjusting to life after losing your job isn’t easy but I also know it’s totally possible – exciting even!

You are amazing and unique. You have the capability to thrive, even when your life has been turned upside down with news of redundancy. The fear, uncertainty and struggle you’re experiencing right now will shift, with my help and support. I help you to take back your power and find your way.

If you’re done with trying to figure this out alone and now feels like a good time to grab the opportunity with both hands, then let’s have a chat.