What the Funk.

When we find ourselves not feeling “Christmassy” at this time of year and in a bit of a funk (for whatever reason), then the most useful thing is to tune into what’s happening, as well as decide how we’re going to respond. It’s not magical for everybody – I get it because I’ve been there too.

In the words of Marcus Aurelius, “You have the power over your mind, not outside events. Realise this, and you will find strength.” In other words, the festivities will happen around you – regardless of how you’re feeling. So rather than put on a brave face, go within and figure out what you need.

Funk Off.

If you choose to, you can handle this by answering a few simple questions. This will help you to determine the source of your funk and respond accordingly.

#1. Are you connected with yourself? Through various different circumstances, especially after loss, we can lose our connection with ourselves and then the funk sets in. Spend some time re-connecting or exploring what’s important to you (i.e. your values) and your purpose.

#2. Are you comfy in your comfort zone? Life can start to feel stale and funky when we start settling for things. It’s easy to continue on in ‘survival mode’ and forget you have the right to thrive. Spend some time thinking about what you can do to step out of comfort zone a little.

#3. Are you connecting with the right people and things? It’s amazing how our funk factor can be magnified by what’s in our environment. Some reflection on this may lead us to want to hang out with someone new, develop some new goals, read a new book or just generally get inspired by someone or something.

#4. Do you know how to sustain your mojo? The funk can often creep in when we’re not paying attention and our energy levels are depleting. Make a list of things that increase your energy in a healthy way. This is about raising your vibration in whatever way works for you.

#5. How’s your lifestyle? Doing some basic lifestyle checks and balances can help avoid a funk or improve things when we’re already in a funk. It’s useful to check in with our eating, sleeping, diet, exercise, etc. and that we are making time for self-care.

#6. Where’s your focus? Choosing to stay focused on things that serve us (and letting go of things that do not) is empowering and keeps us motivated. If we focus on the funk, it somehow feels worse. When we choose to focus on something different, the funk feels less intense.

#7. How patient are you? Sometimes the best way to handle a funk is to do nothing. Be patient and trust the universe to see what unfolds – at some point in the future, things will work themselves out. The thing is to know when to do something.

Feeling overwhelmed by your funk?

If the list above sounds great but a little overwhelming, then the chances are that you just need some support to move in the right direction.

What you may need (and what still helps me to this day) is somebody to help you work through what’s happening – especially when a loss is involved. If this is you, then book yourself in for an informal chat to see whether coaching can help.

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