We’re kick starting season 3 with the fab Hayley Forster. She’s an Intentional Living Coach and Founder of Simple Joy, where she created the Intentional Lifestyle Detox.

I feel so privileged that Hayley has chosen this podcast to talk about the story of losing her mum 2 days before Christmas. She was just 13 years old.

The story doesn’t end there. Finding her grief a struggle, she initially took the ‘positive’ approach to dealing with things. However, her mental health became affected to the point of anxiety, depression, and hoarding. This became Hayley’s sense of control well into adulthood.

In this episode, she talks about the ways in which she finally found to cope with losing her mum, and how this led to a healthier way of processing her grief before starting to heal.

This experience is all part of Hayley’s current mission to help people live a more time rich and joyful life. She now helps overwhelmed women to slow down and simplify their hectic life – from decluttering their home, reducing their to-dos, to focusing their day to day lifestyle on their key values. You can find Hayley over on Facebook and Instagram.

This is a great start to season 3 so listen in to Hayley’s story.

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