In Episode 2, I’m chatting with Suzanne Mountain – Business Mentor and Mindset Coach. Suzanne shares how losing her brother suddenly impacted on her whole family – especially her mother who developed signs of Alzheimer’s.

We talk about the journey of supporting her mum through Alzheimer’s and anticipatory grief, we well as how she approached dealing with the illness.

Suzanne also shares some wonderful insights in relation to how her work in mindset helped her to navigate her grief. This is a wonderful interview so please listen in.

After a long corporate career as the keeper of secrets, the organisations conscience and the spotter of hidden talents (Head of Talent, Suzanne’s on a mission to provide business mentoring and mindset coaching to small business owners who want to develop a profitable business that fits into their life through online programmes and virtual one to one mentoring and coaching.

Suzanne has been featured in HuffPost, ThriveGlobal and The Guardian plus she been nominated for 4 Awards so I’m really pleased she has shared her story on this podcast. You can visit her website or find her on Facebook.

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