In Episode 6, I’m talking to Health and Wellness Consultant, Clare Green. We’re discussing something called, ‘secondary infertility’. This is a different form of loss that can trigger grief, and it’s not always acknowledged.

Clare shares how she is navigating this journey at the time of recording and talks about the “ups and downs” of the process. We discuss how gratitude can be helpful and yet is also linked to the fear around talking about secondary infertility.

She is passionate about taking a holistic approach to wellness and is also using her own experience to help women detox their bodies and bathrooms. She is passionate about pure, natural products and solely uses Tropic, which is a vegan, cruelty free brand who freshly make all the skincare in their UK beauty kitchen.

Listen in to this wonderful conversation which offers many insights and useful tips in relation to grief as a result of infertility.

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