In Episode 7, I talk to Jenny Schmal who is a Reset Facilitator based in South Africa. On the show, we cover what reset facilitation is. In a nutshell, Jenny specialises in showing people how to reconnect to their power.

More importantly, Jenny shares her experience of loss which is three-fold. The loss of her first and second husband, as well as the murder of her son. They were all different experiences for Jenny in traumatic circumstances and she talks about how she has navigated her grief.

Jenny gives us the wonderful gift of her own unique perspective on loss and her views on the role that our stories, feelings, and beliefs during the grief process play. She believes that at the core of every individual is limitless joy, and a natural celebration of life. You can read more about her work here.

We explore her journey back to self-love and how her book – Rejener8 – all started with scraps of paper notes she had collected in a shoe box during her grief.

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