Grief is such a multi-layered beast that can evolve and change from one moment to the next, and if you’re looking for a definitive answer when it comes to healing or releasing it, there just isn’t one.

Grief is very unique and it’s a personal process for everyone. However, I’m sure you’ll agree that grief can be very exhausting, physically and emotionally.

What is sound healing?

One of my favourite grief support methods is sound healing (also known as sound baths or therapy). Sound healing is something we’ve naturally used in life to adjust our moods and emotions. Think back to times in your life when you sang along to a happy song or the emotions you felt when hearing a sad song. Sound healing can also be sounds of nature such as the soothing sound of the ocean, or the rain on the roof.

Sound healing combines therapeutic techniques such as using rhythm, instruments and voice to influence our physiology, neurology and psychology as part of holistic support to:

  • Balance and restore health
  • Release pain – both physical and emotional
  • Promote relaxation.

The human body resonates to the vibrations surrounding it and even with the ears completely blocked, research has shown the body still responds to sound.

Sound healing instruments are wide and varied. In my practice I use Tibetan singing bowls, tuning forks and my absolute favourite – my Chakra tuned Quartz Crystal singing bowls.

Singing bowl therapy dates back to the 12th century where a 2016 study found that singing bowl meditation reduced stress, anger, depression, and fatigue – most of which we experience during grief.

When we’re grieving there are often times where we’re simply exhausted by all the talking. Being talked at and the enormous amount of internal chatter all adding to the sheer heaviness of our grieving emotions. It’s times like these where the calming properties of sound healing are perfect.

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Do you have to visit a sound healer to benefit from sound healing?

The answer to this common question is mixed, both yes and no.

I personally recommend you consult a trained sound therapist for focused and tailored support. They are experienced in determining where the grief is sitting in your body and along with other therapies, such as Reiki, will provide a specialist sound healing session to release and support your grief.

The most common emotions experienced during sound healing is the sheer relief of just being, i.e. totally giving into the moment and feeling a sense of calm and wonderment at the beautiful sounds emanating. Often tears roll down your face as you feel your soul being touched in such a gentle spiritual way. It’s often hard to describe the gentle effect of the singing bowls vibrations soothing and caressing your frayed emotions.

Louise shared that sound healing “was amazing and the sounds wash over you – it was such a lovely experience”.

Many of my clients describe it as a gentle sound cloud in and around their body totally supporting them and them feeling a sense of relief at how emotionally and physically light they feel, a welcome relief from the normal heaviness of grief.

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Some examples of sound healing at home include:

• Playing a favourite song and letting the emotions flow – a form of release.
• Go to the beach or river and listen to the water to relax, and become fully present to acknowledge your feelings.
• Play an instrument you may have at home like a guitar or piano.
• Listen to meditation music.

These days you can even purchase your own quartz singing bowls online and the frosted quartz singing bowls in particular are quite easy to learn. Due to the popularity they are now a more affordable investment. For instance, I sell quality chakra quartz singing bowls, with the strikers and it’s own padded carry bag, for as little as $250AU each.

I highly recommend you give sound healing a go it’s such a beautiful way to relieve and soothe the emotions of grief. You’ll find the experience of the healing sounds, which totally embrace you internally and externally, the most relaxing, supporting and emotionally freeing experience you’ve ever had.

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About Joy.

Joy Fairhall, founder of Mind Body Joy, brings personal insight and professional expertise to support you when you’re dealing with fear and overwhelm in general or as the result of a life-changing event such an illness diagnosis and grief. Blending positive psychology and wellbeing with Holistic practices she gently supports the whole of you.

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