Are you struggling right now, facing a difficult time or feeling lost?

I’m here to support you. 

Having had lived experience of trauma, bereavement, loss, anxiety and depression, I understand the difficult journey you might find yourself on. Every experience of life and mental health is unique; yet trauma, a bereavement and other types of loss are the most stressful experiences we can be faced with. They can often lead to complex responses such as anxiety, depression and loss of who you are. 

You may find yourself struggling with things like:

Feeling like you’ve lost ‘normality’ and what once was

Depression and feelings of sadness

Shock and coming to terms with loss

Emotional pain and not knowing how to be with it

Stress in work, home or life in general

Anxiety and anxious feelings or panic attacks


Feeling like you’ve lost your sparkle or zest for life and low self-esteem

Traumatic experiences such as abuse, victim of crime or personal injury

Facing changes in life which feel outside of your control

Difficulties in relationships and / or with family members 

It’s important to recognise when you need some support. It’s even more important that you don’t isolate yourself or try to “keep a lid” on your how you’re feeling. There is no need to feel guilty or like you’re failing. Asking for help is a strength. I’m here to listen and hold space for whatever you need.

Flexible support

As a result of the pandemic, we have adapted to interacting in more flexible ways. Current circumstances may pose additional challenges for some people.

I’m pleased to be able to offer one-to-one counselling and coaching both online and in-person, as well as some additional options for those who are currently impacted financially. Please ask for details.

We will agree together the regularity of your sessions, whether that be weekly, fortnightly or something else. All sessions take place in a safe and confidential space where you are free to talk in a warm, empathetic and non-judgmental environment.

Why choose to work with me one-to-one?

I’d love for you to get to know me a little better and understand why I chose to specialise in areas such as trauma, bereavement, loss, anxiety and depression.

I’ll share with you my story and own experiences of loss – sadly, there’s more than one.

Of course, this is also the part where I talk about my professional background. This is to reassure you that I’ve taken my training and on-going development seriously. More importantly, I want you to get to get a sense of who I am, and whether you’d like to explore working together.

Business support and consultancy

It’s more important than ever that your employees are treated with compassion and that your organisation understands how best to support people with mental health and wellbeing.

Taking the time to ensure your policies, procedures and support frameworks meet with the needs of your workforce will lead to a positive impact on the health and well-being of your workforce, as well as an enhanced reputation. I offer bespoke packages including training, group work and one-to-one counselling, dependant on your needs, so please get in touch to discuss further.

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16 Signs & Symptoms of Complicated Grief

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Before coaching, I was in a haze and felt completely lost. I’ve come to understand myself more than ever before, and I now know my own resourcefulness for the future.


In just a few sessions, I went from confused and overwhelmed, to having clarity and feeling lighter. Grateful beyond words, Louise is an exceptional coach!


I connect with you Louise. You’re real and you’ve been there in the most painful way. I know that you understand. I love that you work with loss in all forms. Thank you.


After losing my wife, I felt lost and didn’t know who I was. After working with Louise, my self-worth improved. I look forward to the future and feel like I know me again.


Louise has provided excellent support and guidance. Her coaching has given me the time and space to evaluate my grieving and helped me to understand it. I now feel whole and happier within myself.


Louise is an exceptional person.  A truly dedicated coach and counsellor, her empathy, knowledge and skills are unrivalled.  She has helped me to realise that grief and loss come in many different forms.  Without her guidance, patience and understanding I would not be coping as well as I am today. Louise will be totally invested in you and your journey – she is an inspiration.  Thank you Louise!


Louise really helped me to better understand myself. Things that I learned in our sessions have given me the tools and confidence that I need to face challenges.


It’s been an amazing experience. It’s helped me to unravel all the knots. Louise’s skills and techniques have been really good, with no structure imposed on the process.


I highly recommend Louise’s support if you’re feeling lost. It certainly enabled me to make a commitment to the things that really matter in my life. Thank you!


After losing my job, coaching has helped me to unlock my true potential. I’ve learnt I have far more resources and skills to support myself than I first thought. Thanks.


Louise is a highly talented, skilled, creative, engaging, innovative, fantastic coach and professional. Her helpful strategies are spot on and I really enjoy her work.


Louise has helped me to understand so much and enabled me to sit with my emotions and process them rather than shutting them away. I’ve found connection and regained control.


To understand a person’s mind you must understand the person, to understand the person you must listen to their trials, tribulations and troubles. With Louise’s input, I have unlocked a large amount of difficulty within – she has helped me to understand myself.